Proposed Draft for Strategic Pastoral Plan

Goal One: Worship (Spiritual Cell)

As a faith community, we endeavor to deepen our relationship with Christ through engaging worship. This includes the following:

  • To develop a systematic means of evaluating the effectiveness of our parish celebration of the liturgy.

  • To increase participation in parish devotions such as Saint Anthony’s, Menino Jesus, Eucharistic Adoration, etc.

  • To promote and schedule more frequent parish reconciliation opportunities especially during Advent and Lent, including priests from other parishes.

  • To increase collaboration of St Anthony’s School and St Mary’s Secondary School with regard to our overall parish worship related activities.

Goal Two: Evangelization (Apostolate Cell)

Our priority is to promote the spirit of evangelization in all parish activities. This includes the following:


  • To cooperate with the archdiocesan initiative, e.g., program on Leadership in the New Evangelization

  • To encourage leaders of parish ethnic groups regarding opportunities to evangelize within their particular ministry, e.g., prayer day with members of the parish council, Hermandade, Menino Jesus.

  • To foster in each parishioner a life-long quest to grow in faith along with a deeper understanding of the Catholic Church.

  • To optimize the use of other means of communication to promote the mission of the parish.

  • To expand the use of the Internet as a means of evangelization and communication for parish organizations and the parish community as a whole.

  • To update parish website and make greater use of online presence for stewardship and volunteer opportunities.

Goal Three: Catholic Education (Education and Religious Info Cell)

Our priority is to serve and support the religious education needs of students enrolled in the CCD Program.

  • To increase publicity being given to this opportunity through parish website, parish bulletin, online newsletter, and Catholic schools.

  • To consider additional religious education program for adult faith formation, e.g., adult immigrants from other ethnic groups

  • To strengthen the promotion of education programs.

Goal Four: Service (Apostolate Cell)

Our priority is to serve those in need, promote social justice, respect for the dignity and sacredness of human life in all its forms from the beginning of life until death.

  • To create a culture in the parish that reverences human life as the major social justice issue and that works to defend life at all stages, especially when it is most vulnerable.

  • To motivate parishioners to live up to their baptismal call of service within and beyond the parish by forming them in the social teachings of the church.

  • To promote direct involvement of parishioners in a broad spectrum of social justice issues, e.g., establishing a Social Justice Committee.

  • To hold an annual day of recollection for all involved in service ministries, e.g., Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers, Ushers, etc.



Goal Five: Stewardship (Ways and Means Cell)

Our priority is to develop and implement a comprehensive parish Stewardship program.

  • To catechize parishioners on the meaning of stewardship, including the sharing of time, talent and treasure so that stewardship in the parish becomes a way of life.

  • To conduct a survey of all current sources of revenue and the effectiveness of other approaches, e.g., fundraisers, Sunday offertory and special collections.

  • To form a Stewardship Committee by establishing Building and Grounds Committee that would plan and give focused attention in coming years, e.g., those who have a diverse knowledge in building maintenance, construction, and fundraising. They will develop a comprehensive plan that will assess, plan and budget for deferred maintenance items to assure functionally appropriate and well-maintained facilities. They will collaborate with Finance Committee.

  • To prioritize future needs of our parish based on mission priorities, including consideration of the rectory flat roof.

  • To address the family of faith campaign in a general way at meetings of the Finance Council, Parish Council and Social Feast Committee.

  • To recruit and orient parish volunteers for involvement and service in parish ministries, e.g., deepening the roots of those currently involved in leadership of parish socials, major parish fundraising events.

Goal Six: Youth Ministry (Apostolate)

Our priority is to build a youth ministry program. This includes the following:

  • To recruit and sustain at least three core team members in their twenties and thirties that would be involved in youth program.

  • To review and evaluate parish resources and approaches that serve the youth ministry, dissemination of information, e.g., parish activities, sports program, .

  • To establish a Vocation Committee that would promote vocations in the parish and beyond with an enthusiastic vocation celebration incorporated in the Sunday worship (Note: Saint Anthony’s has not produced yet a priest or a religious sister since its foundation).

  • To promote religious vocations from the pulpit, in the Sunday bulletin, or by inviting a seminarian in serving Mass and for seminary collection.

  • To provide spiritual and social avenues for growth of the parish youth program, e.g., organize the teams in each sports season, provide intergenerational opportunity in connection with sports program.



Different Committees

S – Spiritual Cell
(Worship Committee)

W – Ways and Means Cell
(Stewardship Committee)

E – Education Cell
(Education Committee)

A – Apostolate Cell
(Evangelization and Service Committee)

R – Religious Info Cell
(Youth and Athletics Committee/Online Newsletter)