News & Announcement

Saint Anthony’s Feast Kicks Off

Saint Anthony’s Church on Bloor St West celebrated its patron feast on Sunday, June 13, beginning with a mass at 12:30 pm.  Parishioners and devotees of Saint Anthony participated in the mass.  It was filled to capacity.

A multi-lingual mass was concelebrated by Fr Mark Escobar, administrator, and Fr Tiziano Paolazzi, associate.  Fr Escobar gave the homily, sharing the life of St Anthony and challenging his people to discover another face of Christ, the person that each one is in God’s eyes, like those who came to leave all behind in order to seek a new life in a new land, in a new Canadian context.  With that, he also challenged them to undertake a flexible, creative a missionary-like future.

After Mass, when the rain had stopped, everyone joined the procession.  It concluded with a Benediction in church.  Cultural presentations were held at the hall, along with the raffle draw fundraising activity.

Brazilians Hold Festa Junina

The Brazilian Community at Saint Anthony’s held their trivia night June 27, 2015 at the parish hall to celebrate their festivities known as ‘Festa Junina.”  For them this marks the beginning of the Brazilian winter in June.  It is also a month to commemorate some of the famous saints such as Saint Anthony, Saint Peter and Saint John the Baptist.  It is also a way to honor rain, the harvest season and marriage.

As a popular celebration in Brazilian culture, a fun night with entertainment, dance, typical Brazilian food and drinks, punctuated the festivities.

Our Lady of Fatima Celebrated

Saint Anthony’s Parish celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Fatima at 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 9, 2015.  Fr Tiziano Paolazzi presided the mass.  A banquet followed at the parish hall.

The Hermandade de Nossa Senhora da Fatima, with its current president, Lourdes Matos, expressed their gratitude for supporting their annual dinner dance fundraiser.  They gave $3,000.00 to the parish.

Picnic at Dufferin Mall Park Unfolds

As summer settles upon everyone, some parishioners of Saint Anthony’s grabbed every possible opportunity to take part in their annual picnic held on Saturday, August 13th at Dufferin Mall Park.  Despite a slight drop in temperature which somehow threatened to force the event indoors, providentially, it turned out to be sunny with a gentle breeze and mild temperature.  Attendees enjoyed great food brought by the Brazilians, Hispanics, and Filipinos.  Some of them took pictures, danced, played, and rolled out rugs in the dappled shade and sat with their friends enjoying the great outdoors.

Most of them savor the setting, repast and company while enjoying the pleasure of being with their friends.

Saint Anthony School Year-End Mass Held

Saint Anthony School held its year-end mass June 19, 2015 at 10:00 AM in Saint Anthony’s Church.  Mass was celebrated by Fr Mark Escobar, c.s.  He encouraged the students, especially those in the 8th grade who’re going to High School, to nourish their Catholic formation and continue on the wonderful tradition of faith and support represented by it in action over their years of stay at school.  Graduands were involved in the liturgy either through reading, praying the Intercessions, and carrying up the offertory gifts.

Mrs Manuela Sardo-Antunes, school principal, addressed to the 8th grade students about how quickly the last eight years have passed and the life-long memories their childhood had during the journey.  She impressed in their minds the importance of having a positive attitude.  Like Jesus and His disciples, teachers and students have walked together on a journey through elementary school, loaded with significant experiences.

St Mary’s Secondary Catholic School Celebrates Easter

Described as the great celebration of Christ’s resurrection, students and teachers of St Mary’s Secondary Catholic School held their Easter mass April 16, 2015 at Saint Anthony’s Church.  Fr Mark Escobar, c.s. officiated the mass encouraging them to pray and find new eyes to see the world, new ears to listen to God as He speaks in our lives, and new hearts that gravitate one to keep loving.

Fathers Mark and Tiziano Join their Provincial Meeting

Fr Mark Escobar and Fr Tiziano Paolazzi, both Scalabrinian Missionaries, participated in their annual assembly held April 20-24 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  This year’s theme embraces the inner look at the community dimension of the Scalabrinian charism.

With their pastoral positions as a province across the U.S., Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Venezuela, and Canada, they gathered for periods of reflection, reports, discussions and prayers.  They read and reflected on the document of Consecrated Life, written report of the Provincial Bursar, Provincial Superior, and General Superior from Rome.  The challenge was centered more on fraternal life, i.e., living as a community of cultures.  It thus evoked behavioral patterns of each missioner on how he lives with his confrere in a religious community.  This, however, includes indifference of those who have already “made themselves comfortable,” individualism that destroys the spirit of communion.

Temptations to entomb within oneself some negative things and addictions, was one issue that had been addressed to Scalabrinian missioners.